US Access Board Animations

Have you checked out the animations on the US Access Board website?  These are excellent visual tools to explain the ADA Standards!

Wheelchair Maneuvering – Captioned

Maneuvering at Doors – Captioned

Accessible Toilet Rooms – Captioned

Accessible Bathing Facilities – Captioned

Protruding Objects – Captioned

Parking and Passenger Loading Zones – Captioned

Signs – Captioned


Upcoming presentations and trainings, Spring 2013

I cordially invite you to join me at some great conferences coming in the next few months…. I will be presenting on the following days and topics.

UD Summit #5, St. Louis, MO

May 7, 2013

More Than Accessible: A Case Study with Resources & Ideas.

ACHUO-I 2013 Annual Conference and Exposition, Minneapolis, MN

June 16, 2013

Housing for Everyone: Promoting Universal Design in Residential Environments

AIA National Conference, Denver, CO?

June 19, 2013

Half-Day Preconvention Workshop: Prevent the Most Common Accessibility Errors in Multifamily Housing under FHA, ICC, and CBC

June 20, 2013

Compliance Under the 2010 ADA for K-12 Schools and Housing for Places of Education

Universally Accessible, Independently Active

PWD (People with disabilities) in Phoenix have no excuse to sit still. The Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Center, known as SpoFit, has fitness equipment, classes, sport gyms, a climbing wall and aquatics programs for every ability. As the mother of a competitive swimmer who happens to ride a wheelchair, I know how hard it is to find pools and locker room facilities that really work for all abilities. This center has the best pool layout I’ve seen.

There are two pools and a hot tub, each with at least two means of transfer into the water.  The warm water therapy pool has steps, a transfer wall, a lift with a chair seat (including head and foot rest) and a in-water platform lift (first one’s I’ve seen).

Steps, platform lift and pool seat lift at warm water therapy pool.

Platform lift with mesh door lowers into pool. Traditional chair lift is beyond.

Platform lift with mesh door lowers into pool. Traditional chair lift is beyond.

(Sorry about the rotated image of the platform lift. My techie skills are failing me tonight.)

The lap pool has a transfer platform, a lift and a pool platform lift.  The transfer platform is aligned with gradual steps in the water to aid in transferring back out of the pool. SpoFit provides cushions for those who need butt protection during the transfer process.

Transfer platform into lap pool with hot tub beyond.

Transfer platform into lap pool with hot tub beyond.

I am so excited to know there are models of great fitness facilities that are inclusive of all abilities. My city needs our fitness facility to follow SpoFit’s motto, “Universally Accessible, Independently Active!”

Buy one, Give one: RoughRider® from Whirlwind

RoughRider wheelchair from Whirlwind Wheelchairs Intl.

Hey – did you know you could buy one of the most functional, affordable all-terrain wheelchairs AND be sure someone else in a developing country gets the same great, adjustable, durable chair as you?  Check out Whirlwind Wheelchair International’s new BOGO program with the RoughRider, available in the U.S.  What a novel idea – benefiting our fellow ‘chair users who have less access to durable medical equipment than we have – and saving a little money ourselves.

From their website: “Whirlwind Wheelchair International is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the developing world while also promoting sustainable local economic development in the process. We work to make it possible for every person in the world who needs a high quality wheelchair to obtain one,  leading to maximum personal independence and integration into society. By giving wheelchair riders a central role in all aspects of our designs and projects, Whirlwind ensures that our chairs are individually appropriate for each user and his or her respective environment. For thirty years in over 40 countries we have focused on producing durable, low-cost, and highly functional wheelchairs. These chairs give riders the reliable and functional mobility they need to reach their full potential. Our active adult wheelchair design, the RoughRider®, is used by 25,000 riders traveling over every terrain that only the best of wheelchairs can cross, from muddy village paths to rough pot-holed urban streets.”